A User’s Guide

Dear Customer,

A few short notes to help you navigate the site. You will appreciate that many titles can fall into multiple categories so we have adopted the following principles:

1. All general Hebridean titles are in the Western Isles section (which otherwise cover the Outer Hebrides only).
2. All listings are by title within section.
3. All Maps etc are listed by their publisher first eg Harveys, Nicolson, Trail Guides, Yellow Maps with the title of the actual map then following.
4. Maps and guides are listed in their area sections.
5. Scottish Maps and guides ie covering the whole of Scotland, are in the general Scottish Maps and Guides section.
6. All novelty/gift and non-book products are in the Stationery and Gift section.
7. General Photography books can be found in the Art & Photography section.

Ordnance Survey

The Ordnance Survey list is of course huge so please go into the Ordnance Survey section and it will bring up either the Explorer or Landranger ‘Map Index’. If you zone in on the area you want an order box will appear above the map offering Standard (paper, £9.99) and Active (waterproof, £15.99) options. These can then be ordered in the normal way and will click through to the order form.

The search facility is a ‘keyword’ search only so will only bring up a book if the title contains the chosen word.

We hope you like the site and find it useful. As the site is constantly evolving, we would be grateful for any comments or feedback to improve it and make it easier for customers to use. Comments or suggestions should be sent to albabooks@birlinn.co.uk.

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Andrew
Managing Director