A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland

by Martin Martin

A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland

A travel writing classic that has been in print for hundreds of years.

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It is three hundred years since Martin Martin’s great journey around the Western Isles, Orkneys and Shetlands. The first and one of the greatest of all travellers in Scotland, Martin is also unique in being the only native Gaelic speaker amongst them. This gives his account a unique and authoritative resonance which makes it, even today, a mine of information on the history, customs, traditions and life of the Hebrides. It also casts light on the islands during a crucial period of history when the old structures of society still held sway before Jacobite rebellions altered society irrevocably.

Martin Martin (Màrtainn MacGilleMhàrtainn) was born at Bealach, near Duntulm, Skye, and was a native Gaelic speaker. He studied at the universities of Edinburgh and Leiden, and died in London in 1719.


ISBN: 9781780275468

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