Dumfries & Galloway Folk Tales

by Tony Bonning

Dumfries & Galloway Folk Tales

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Storyteller Tony Bonning brings together stories from one of the most enigmatic regions of Scotland: a land hemmed in by rivers and mountains; a land that vigorously maintained its independence, and by doing so, has many unique tales and legends. Here you will meet strange beasts, creatures and even stranger folk; here you will meet men and women capable of tricking even the Devil himself, and here you will find the very tale that inspired Robert Burns’s most famous poem, Tam o’Shanter. With each Story told in an engaging style, and illustrated with unique line drawings, these humorous, clever and enchanting folk tales are sure to be enjoyed and shared time and again.

ISBN: 9780750968409

Publication date: 01/11/2016

Format: pb

Extent: 192

Publisher: History Press

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