The Comic Gems of Chic Murray

by Robbie Grigor (Ed.)


New edition of the definitive collection of Chic Murray’s one-liners and best comedic moments

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My boss is so narrow minded that when he has an idea, it comes out folded

I use to write her love letters in the sand. But it was an incredible hassle trying to get sand into the pillar box

‘Do you know the piano’s resting on my foot?’ ‘No, but hum it and I’ll play it.’

Chic Murray is a cult figure of alternative humour, a comedic pioneer ranked in the highest echelons of his art in the last century and admired around the world. Funnyosities features a huge number of Chic’s funniest one-liners – some well known and others taken from material newly found by the great man’s family. This collection is the perfect distillation of Chic’s gloriously off-beat humour.

Robbie Grigor is an expert on Scottish comedy and culture and author of Just Daft: The Chic Murray Story, also published by Birlinn.


ISBN: 9781780276304

Publication date: 10/10/2019


Extent: 160

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

Stock status: Published

Categories: Birlinn/Polygon , Humour