Just Like Floss

by Kim Lewis

Just Like Floss

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Acclaimed author-illustrator Kim Lewis has created another warm and evocative story that depicts the world of rural children and animals in affectionate detail. Floss has just had puppies, and the children want to know if they can keep one. “Maybe,” their father says. “We could use another collie just like Floss to work with the sheep on the farm.” But which one? Day after day the children watch the puppies grow, until one day Sam, the littlest, strays into the field. The sheep crowd around him, but instead of flinching, the puppy crouches low and runs, scattering the flock. “Big brave Sam,” exclaim the children, racing after him, “just like Floss.”

ISBN: 9780744572872

Publication date: 06/03/2000

Format: pb

Extent: 32

Publisher: Walker Books

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