The Three Chimneys Marmalade Bible

by Shirley Spear

The Three Chimneys Marmalade Bible

The Three Chimneys restaurant marmalade bible

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Marmalade is an iconic Scottish food, traditionally made every year in January and February when Seville oranges are available. Shirley Spear, whose multi-award-winning Three Chimneys restaurant on the Isle of Skye is a magnet for foodies, has written the ultimate guide to marmalade – not just to making it, but to using it as an ingredient all the year round in a delicious variety of dishes. The recipes here are both sweet and savoury, from Chocolate Marmalade Tart, Marmalade Breakfast Muffins and traditional Caledonian Cream to Marmalade Sauce for Roast Duck, Glaze for Roast Gammon, use of Seville oranges in fish and shellfish dishes and Marmalade Whisky Fruit Loaf– and not forgetting the Three Chimneys’ own legendary Hot Marmalade Pudding. Shirley mixes in fascinating information about how marmalade was invented, the great Scottish marmalade producers like Keiller and Robertsons, and even a link with Mary, Queen of Scots! This book will be the ideal Christmas stocking-filler for anyone interested in cooking, and an irresistible impulse-buy at any time of the year.

Born in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles, Shirley Spear grew up in Edinburgh. In her late teens she began her chosen career of journalism in Dundee, which later took her to London. There she met Eddie and Sarah, her stepdaughter. In the early 80s they moved to the Isle of Skye to run The Three Chimneys. Shirley and Eddie also have two children, Steven and Lindsay, who grew up in their restaurant home in Skye.

ISBN: 9781780274133

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