Modern Scottish History 1707 to the Present Volume 3

by A. Cooke , A. MacSween and C. A. Whatley , I. Donnachie

Modern Scottish History 1707 to the Present Volume 3

This volume is one of a series of five which have been published as teaching and learning materials for the University of Dundee/ Open University Distance Learning Course in Modern Scottish History.






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A strong editorial team and the majority of Scotland’s most distinguished historians have lent their talents to this major project: a landmark in Scottish historical studies, and one which looks to reach a wider readership for serious Scottish history than has hitherto been the case. These volumes will be be crucial in developing an awareness of Scottish history both in Scotland and further afield, and each volume can be read and enjoyed in its own right, or as part of a set.


ISBN: 9781904607625

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

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