Muhammad Ali

The Life of a Legend

by Fiaz Rafiq , Rasheda Ali

Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali is one of the most remarkable sports personalities and celebrities of our time. He is a legend who transcended boxing and rose above all sport. A man of mythic proportions, Ali rose to become a prominent feature of our cultural landscape.

Through exclusive accounts from family members, close friends, associates and adversaries, Fiaz Rafiq has compiled a compelling and intriguing insight into a sporting legend. Muhammad Ali’s story is an epic one, one of bravery, courage, hope, skill and indomitable will. Muhammad Ali: The Life of a Legend is an oral biography of the greatest icon of world sport who continues to influence millions.

ISBN: 9781909715936

Publication date: 05/07/2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 352

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

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