No Drama Llama

Drop the drama and start leading a no-nonsense lifestyle

by Sarah Jackson

No Drama Llama

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Channel the ways of the no drama llama, the ultimate guru when it comes to leading a simplified lifestyle.

Tense? Worried? Overwhelmed by the modern world? You need to meet Leroy the llama, a beast who knows a thing or two about burden. Leroy leads the alPAC(k)a when it comes to helping people quit the am-dram in favour of living a hassle-free lifestyle. Having been reared on the challenging Argentinian landscape, Leroy is as tough as anything. He can tolerate a harsh environment, but when it comes to the petty troubles of modern living, his patience wears thin. Let Leroy share his sage wisdom and special brand of blunt advice with you, and you’ll soon learn how to cut the crap and live a drama-free existence.


ISBN: 9781912983018

Publication date: 19/09/2019

Format: HB

Extent: 64

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

Stock status: Published

Categories: Humour