Old Iona and Staffa

by Bernard Byrom

Old Iona and Staffa

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We are delighted to finally add a volume on these delightful islands on Scotland’s West Coast which everybody should visit before they die. We searched extensively to compile a fine collection of photographs and included some excellent photographs taken in the 1890s when the tourism industry to these parts began to open up in earnest. Iona is a must see destination for both the secular and the religious minded; here are buried Scottish, Norwegian and Irish kings. Iona Abbey, before and after restoration, and early Christian stone crosses are featured in depth as well as the steamers which have brought the tourists here over the years. Also included are previously unpublished photographs of an intrepid Edinburgh scout troop visiting in 1930 and some of the sights they saw on Iona, also pictures of Dun I and the abandoned marble quarry.

ISBN: 9781840334067

Publication date: 01/09/2007

Format: Paperback

Extent: 56

Publisher: Stenlake

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