Old Portpatrick

by J D MacKenzie

Old Portpatrick

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Portpatrick’s history is inextricably linked to the sea. Several pictures illustrate the coastguard’s ‘rocket life-saving apparatus’, which fired a line from land to endangered ships and allowed stranded crew to be brought ashore by means of pulleys and a harness. Lifeboats in action, the steamer Tyrconnel stranded on rocks, cod being sorted prior to despatch to London and an excursion steamer berthed in the harbour are all featured. One of Dr Carroll’s fund-raising sandcastles, and a picture of Dirk Bogarde chatting with an elderly resident during filming of the 1951 movie Hunted, are two of the more unusual items in this comprehensive collection.

ISBN: 9781872074757

Publication date: 31/05/1997

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