Old Ways Through Wester Ross

by Christopher J Uncles

Old Ways Through Wester Ross

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Wester Ross was shaped by the elements, the sun, the wind, the rain and most importantly, the ice. The forces of glaciation worked hard here, moulding a complex landscape of great variety and stark grandeur. The mountains lying to the north of Loch Carron, the reddish peaks of Torridonian sandstone, tipped here and there with quartzite (often mistaken for snow) are considered to be among the oldest rocks in the world. Where the mountains and the water meet, the landscape is pierced by great sea lochs (Broom, Carron, Ewe, Torridon and Alsh). The scenic train journey to Kyle of Loch Alsh was once hailed as one of ‘The Great Railways Journeys of the World’. De-population of the area during the notorious 18th and 19th century clearances has left an empty and brooding landscape which seems to bear witness to the suffering of those, now widely scattered across the globe, who once called it home.

ISBN: 9781840335330

Publication date: 01/03/2011

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