Scottish Coast and Seashore Magic Painting Book

Scottish Coast and Seashore Magic Painting Book

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Young children will love bringing to life these amazing images of Scotland’s coats and seashore by brushing with water to reveal colour. Very short captions (c. 10 words) describe the various scenes. Just dip the brush (included with the book) in water and apply directly to the page to bring the illustrations to vibrant life.

Contents Include:

An island village * Northern Lights * Seabirds * A lighthouse * A whirlpool * A castle * Playing on the beach * Rockpools * Dolphins and seals * Windsurfing and kitesurfing * A ferry * Fishing boats * Flowers by the sea * A harbour scene * Rocky cliffs

ISBN: 9781780278667

Publication date: 04/04/2024

Format: pbk

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

Categories: 2024 Birlinn Titles