I Scottish Life and Society Volume 9: The Individual and Community Life

by Jeremy Weston , John Beech , Mark Mulhern , Owen Hand

I Scottish Life and Society Volume 9: The Individual and Community Life

The Individual and Community Life is the fourth volume to appear in the planned fourteen volume series, A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology, the major project of the European Ethnological Research Centre.




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‘a complex volume, containing some fine and illuminating scholarship’ – Michael Rosie, EERC

In life there are events common to all individuals as consequence of the simple fact that they are alive. Study of the ways in which these common events affect different individuals of differing cultural backgrounds helps to guide us to a more informed understanding of the human experience. In The Individual and Community Life this has been achieved in four parts. In Part One the notable stages of the life cycle – birth, death, childhood and maturity – are considered. However, there are many external, independent and varied influences which shape a life. Part Two widens the scope of topics examined before going on to more directly consider the placing of the individual within a community. The different types of community, from secure settlements to travelling societies are then explored in Part Three. The final section looks at a different kind of community, that of the wider ethnic and social world and of the results of immigration into Scotland, where a large variety of cultures have arrived, forcing the Scottish community to reassess itself.



ISBN: 9780859766326

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