Seal Morning

by Rowena Farre

Seal Morning

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At the age of 10, Rowena Farre left the security of her parents’ home in India and was sent to live with her aunt on a lonely croft in the wild and remote Highlands of Scotland. During her stay in Sutherland, she drew strength from the isolation of her new life, gaining an understanding of nature and a sense of identity. She was inspired to write Seal Morning, the story of her unusual childhood and close friendships with a talented seal, two mischievous squirrels, a beautiful red deer and a host of other wild animals.

Full of Celtic folklore and ancient wisdom, it is an enchanting representation of an idyllic private world. In a fascinating afterword, Maurice Fleming discusses the few known facts about the Highland years and later life of Rowena Farre, a mysterious figure who shunned publicity and remained elusive to the end.


ISBN: 9781841586908

Format: Paperback

Extent: 176

Publisher: Birlinn Limited

Stock status: Reprinting, Summer 2022

Categories: Birlinn/Polygon