Self-Sufficiency Breadmaking

Essential Guide For Beginners

by Kathryn Hawkins

Self-Sufficiency Breadmaking

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Making your own bread by hand is such a simple pleasure and a great starting point for anyone looking to become a little more self-sufficient. Making bread can be therapeutic and creative and is achievable with even a basic level of culinary skill. Filling your kitchen with the delicious smells of baking bread is reward enough in itself but it is important that the finished product tastes great too. In this new book Kathryn Hawkins covers all the basics you need to get started, including essential ingredients and their role in breadmaking, useful equipment and basic techniques. There are also 40 delicious bread recipes, from plain white loaves to granary and wholewheat, as well as recipes for flavoured breads and recipes from around the world, including brioche, pitta bread, naan bread, stolen and soda bread. With informative text, clear instructions and charming illustrations throughout, this will be an invaluable guide for anyone looking to create delicious breads while becoming less reliant on processed and packaged foods.


ISBN: 9781504800594

Publication date: 22/03/2016

Format: Paperback

Extent: 128

Publisher: Fox Chapel

Stock status: Published

Categories: Food and Drink , Rural/Traditional