The Caledonian Canal : Lochs, Locks and Pleasure Steamers

Lochs, Locks and Pleasure Steamers

by Guthrie Hutton

The Caledonian Canal : Lochs, Locks and Pleasure Steamers

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The Caledonian Canal was originally cut to link Scotland’s east and west coasts by men with an eye to trade. Among its many users were herring fishermen who followed fish migrations coast to coast using the canal as a short-cut. There was also a thriving tourist trade through the canal. Holidaymakers from as far south as Glasgow would sail down the Clyde and the Crinan Canal, then up the west coast and through the Caledonian Canal to Inverness. Thanks to use by Queen Victoria, this became known as the ‘Royal Route’. These and other aspects of the canal’s history are illustrated with 53 excellent photographs.


ISBN: 9781840330335

Publication date: 30/04/1998

Format: Paperback

Extent: 48

Publisher: Stenlake

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