The Guide to Mysterious Arran

by Geoff Holder

The Guide to Mysterious Arran

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This is the essential guide to everything strange, marvellous and paranormal on the beautiful and rugged Isle of Arran. Why did the police in 1889 bury the boots of the victim of the Arran Murder below the high-water mark? What happened to the miracle healing stone of St Molaise? What is the truth behind the history of Robert the Bruce on Arran? Where have encounters with fairies been reported in the twenty-first century? Here are collected tales of folklore, witchcraft, magic, mermaids and ghosts, both historical and contemporary. Every stone circle, chambered cairn and standing stone is described, as are caves, old graveyards, castles, Viking sites, carved stones and ruined churches, all with walking directions and notes on access. This book will transform the way you experience Arran.

ISBN: 9780752447209

Publication date: 06/06/2008

Format: pb

Extent: 160

Publisher: History Press

Categories: Ayrshire and Arran