Gem Guide Whiskies

by Dominic Roskrow

Gem Guide Whiskies

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There are few spirits that command such dedication, interest and affection as whisky. The purpose of this book is to provide a pathway through the whisky maze, to demystify it and to provide a platform from which a lifetime’s hobby can be launched.

Whisky expert Dominic Roskrow explores all aspects of this popular drink, delving into its history, dispelling the myths surrounding it and highlighting individualities of the many varieties that exist.

• Origins and history of whisky
• How whiskies are made today
• Guide to Scottish distilleries
• Single malt whiskies
• How to drink and appreciate whisky
• Sections on whiskies of the world, including Irish whiskey and bourbon
• Debunking myths
• Types of whisky
• Buying whisky

ISBN: 9780007293117

Publication date: 05/01/2009

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Extent: 192

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