Mother: A Human Love Story

by Matt Hopwood

Mother: A Human Love Story

A unique and moving collection of 22 real-life experiences by a huge variety of people of different genders, ages and cultures exploring Motherhood.


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‘I found all the stories to be riveting and often deeply moving … real life can be like that if we will only listen’ – Methodist Recorder

Compassion, nurturing and pain are at the heart of everyone’s story of mothers and motherhood. In this book, Matt Hopwood presents a selection of deep, powerful stories of and by mothers which were told openly and bravely to him. Women, men, children, teenagers and centenarians tell their experiences of childhood, motherhood, birth, loss, yearning, fear, contentment, love and divinity. They tell of connection with Mother and the Mother instincts that reside in every human being.

Together, these stories, from as far afield as the USA, Russia, Taiwan, and Europe as well as the UK, are a gift that help bring us to a deeper understanding of our humanity and the role of the intuitive feminine Mother that is so needed by every one of us.

Matt Hopwood is a keeper of stories, a facilitator of sharing spaces and the Founder of A Human Love Story Project. Matt seeks to create encounters where people can feel safe, tell their story and be heard. Through these sharings Matt hopes to help nurture understanding, love and compassion across communities and cultures.

ISBN: 9781780275123

Publication date: 07/03/2019

Format: Paperback

Extent: 192

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

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