Robert Bruce

Our Most Valiant Prince, King and Lord

by Colm McNamee

Robert Bruce

New edition of the definitive biography of Robert the Bruce, with extensive new material based on the latest research.


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The life of Bruce is one of the greatest comeback stories in history. Heir and magnate, shrewd politician, briefly ‘king of summer’ and then a desperate fugitive who nevertheless returned from exile to recover the kingdom he claimed, Bruce became a gifted military leader and a wise statesman, a leader with vision and energy.

Colm McNamee combines the most up to date scholarship on this crucial figure in the history of the British Isles with lucid explanations and context, so that readers of all backgrounds can appreciate Bruce’s enormous contribution to the historical impact not just on Scotland, but on England and Ireland too.

Colm McNamee is the Senior Research Officer for the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland. He studied at Queens’ University, Belfast, and Worcester College, Oxford and has a DPhil in Medieval History. His previous publications include The Wars of the Bruces.

ISBN: 9781780275949

Publication date: 08/11/2018

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